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Nine Easy to use Apps for Small Cash Advances
Photo by Yan Krukov 

Cash Advance apps offer people the ability to borrow small amounts of money in the form of cash advances. Some may have additional features, such as credit-building, saving and budgeting tools, and bank accounts. Most require a monthly membership fee and/or service fees that will be deducted from your account at the same time as your advance repayment. You will need to have a bank account with direct deposit from your employer in order to use these apps. Here is a list of nine, no hassle, Cash Advance apps you can use to get from pay check to pay check. Before I list them, I want to advise against using these apps unless it is an emergency. These should only be used every once in a while. If you are having problems getting from paycheck to paycheck, there is likely a bigger issue at hand. I recommend going over your income and expenses and watching your spending, or getting a second job. Click here for the budgeting app that I use and how it helps me manage my money: My Go-to Budgeting App 

Here are nine apps you can use to get cash now:

EMPOWER is a personal finance app that helps you take control of your money. They offer cash advances of $25 to $250. Empower is at the top of my list because it doesn't charge any fees or interest on its cash advances. You just pay it back automatically when you receive your next paycheck. Once you connect a checking account to Empower, you’ll also be able to get a complete snapshot of your financial spending. This tool is useful because it can help you cut unnecessary spending.

BRIGIT is an app that provides small cash advances of $50 to $250, as well as a budgeting tool. You will have to pay a $9.99 membership fee to access most of Brigit's services, including cash advances. Once Brigit is linked to your bank account, it will analyze your spending. With a Plus membership, it will automatically advance money if it thinks your account is in danger of overdrawing. Brigit is not available for joint checking accounts and it does not work with Chime, Capital One or NetSpend, (although they do work with more than 6,000 other banks and credit unions).

DAVE is a popular cash advance app that also offers banking and financial services app. It was originally created to help customers avoid bank overdraft fees. You can advance up to $250 with Dave. There is a $1.00/month membership fee and $5.99 fee for instant transfers. Cash advances are free if you use the standard 2-3 day option. They also ask for a tip of up to $25 but it is not required. You have the option of linking Dave to your existing bank account or opening a Dave account.

ALBERT is a financial app offering automatic savings tools, bank accounts, cash-back rewards, auto-investing; and, they just happen to make cash advances as well. You can advance $100 - $250 from Albert to help to make ends meet. Albert charges a fee to get funds instantly, or you can transfer in 2–3 days for free. The app does ask for a tip, which is not required. The app also charges a $4 monthly membership fee. Albert also offers early paydays to account holders.

EARNIN has been around since 2013. It allows users an advance between $55 to $500 for each pay period, depending on your situation. You pay the loan back out of your next paycheck and there are no membership fees, or advance fees. The catch is that you have to be a salaried, hourly, or on-demand employee to use Earnin. You also have to receive your paycheck via direct deposit, allow Earnin to track your work hours, and possibly give them your work email for added verification. The app asks for a tip but it is not required.

KLOVER is an app that offers zero-interest cash advances on your paycheck to help you cover expenses until your next payday. The maximum amount you can advance is $100. As with the other apps, you have to link Klover to your bank account and fees apply for instant cash advances. The fee for instant cash is $6.49. Klover has a point system that allows you to earn points by completing tasks and offers on the app. You can then use your points to increase the amount of your advance, to spin the price wheel, or to enter daily sweepstakes. 

SOLO FUNDS is not a cash advance app. However, you can obtain micro loans from Solo Funds to cover emergency expenses. These are peer-to-peer loans and range from $50 to $1,000. You can get your money the same day and you have up to 15 days to pay it back. SoLo Funds doesn’t charge loan fees or interest. However, it will charge you a late fee of 15% of the loan plus $5 if your payment doesn’t go through on the due date. Additionally, your peer lender may ask for a tip in order to fund your loan. Tips can be up to 10% of the loan amount. 

CLEO is a finance and budgeting app for beginners. The app allows cash advances of up to $100 for its plus members. The plus membership is $5.99 monthly. You can choose your repayment date and it can be anywhere between three and twenty-eight days. What makes Cleo different from other apps is it's chatbot Monster. The Cleo monster uses artificial intelligence to track your spending and push you to be more conscious about what you're spending. The app tries to bring some fun to financial management. You can even put it on Roast Mode and Cleo will humorously shame you for your poor spending.

FLOAT ME offers small cash advances that are perfect for avoiding overdraft fees. The app allows advances of $10 to $50 that you can borrowed between your paychecks. Although the maximum you can advance is $50, most new users are only approved for up to $20 per pay period. Float me has a low monthly membership fee of $1.99 and an additional fee for instant transfers. Repayment of the advance and fee will automatically be deducted from your bank account on your next payday. 


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