Keeping it Tight

by - March 26, 2022

Men always come back to me. Not because they love me, because they want to fuck me. But in the words of Robin Stokes from Waiting to Exhale, I tell my Exes, "You'll never get another whiff of this!" And they don't!

You know you got that "Good Good" when they keep coming back. But are you working to keep it that way?

How are you working on keeping it tight? If you're not exercising your pelvic floor muscles, then you should definitely start.  We all know about kegels, and yes you should still do them. I'm going to share three additional exercises that can help tighten your pelvic floor muscles so you can enjoy great sex. 

First, let's start with why vaginas become loose. As much as men would like us to believe it, having multiple sex partners does not make the vagina become loose. Men really say stupid stuff like, "I know you fucked someone else because it felt different." That shit is in their imagination. Most of them don't know anything about the female body except - their dick goes in, babies come out, and it bleeds once a month. What actually does cause a loose vagina is child birth and age. Studies have shown however, that doing regular pelvic exercises helps to tighten your muscles and improve sexual experience. When you perform these exercises, your pelvic floor muscles move up and down, leading to maximum contraction and relaxation. Here are the top three exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles:

1. Pelvic thrust

Pelvic thrust is one of the most common and simplest exercises you can do. As the name suggests, it involves thrusting of the pelvic region. In this case, you put some pressure on the lower abdominal area using barbells or weighted plates, rest your upper half on a bench, and move your lower body up and down.

2. Bridge hold

Just lie in the position of the bridge pose, squeeze in your butt, suck in your lower abdomen, and hold the pose for 8 seconds. Repeat this up to 10 times per set. Rest, then do two additional sets. 

3. Weighted squat

Weighted squats don’t just give you a rounder butt, but also helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. If you’re doing weighted squats, to tighten your vagina, then you must exercise pressure on the pelvic region to make it super effective!

Kegel Weights

Another option you may want to go with in addition to the exercises above, is using Kegel weights. Kegel weights are small vaginal weights designed to be inserted in your vagina. They give your muscles something to contract and help make sure you are doing your kegels right. They can stay inserted for up to 6 hours. Here are the two companies I would recommend. Both offer a lot of information on their websites and additional products you may find helpful.

Intimate Rose

Pixie Cup

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